DIY Burner Liners

Posted by Tiffany on May 15, 2013 at 4:55 PM

I am horrible when it comes to cleaning my stove, I am so grateful for self cleaning ovens but the burners get very neglected! I usually bought burner liners here and there but I always forget and end up torturing my burners and then I found the answer!

Step 1: Clean your burners

Step 2: 

 Get your tin foil and tear a piece big enough to cover your burner and have a few inches extra.

Step 3:

Start folding the foil around the burner but make sure you start at the bottom. Push the foil along the bottom all the way around to prevent taring. Just work your way around.

Step 4:

 Fold all the foil over the edges so that the hole burner is completely covered in foil.

Step 5:

Then put burner back together.

And TA DA! A clean oven you can easily clean and replace the foil as long as you haev foil and no more scrubbing to death and spending money on the stupid liners!

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