Six random facts about myself

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 So this is going to be my first blog writing prompt on my new blog. So please if you like the blog at all please follow!

Writing prompts for this week are,

Writing Prompts:

1.) A time you felt validated. (inspired by Adventures in Alyssaland)
2.) List six random facts about yourself.
3.) Talk about a trend you don’t care for.
4.) The last thing you lost.
5.) Pinterest Inspired! Share something you pinned and actually tried.

I will start with Six random facts about myself, since this is a new blog and getting to know a bit about me wouldn't hurt.

1. I am only 4'11. So ya I'm super short! Same height as my mom though so its all her fault.

2. I have a bad social anxiety and I have a troubles in almost all social situations. =S

3. I am pretty much a high school drop out but during a evaluation test I took for me to continue my high school at a collage I was graded a grade 13 for English!

4. I have a slight addiction to mediation and ASMR. I guess it is my way of relaxing since I don`t get to much or my way of escaping since I rarely leave my own house

5. I quit smoking 3 years ago and it is one of the biggest things I did in my life that I am proud of aside from creating my awesome adorable children.

6. I can`t drive! I am almost 30 and I do not even have my learners! I have a fear of driving. Probably part of my anxiety and I did get my learners and learn a bit of driving and it helped me get over my fear a tiny bit but I let it expire and ya ... I don`t even have my learners now but do plan on getting it again soon.

Mama’s Losin’ It


Happy 2nd Birthday Kahlen!

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It is my baby girls 2nd birthday today! We are celebrating Sunday but I thought I would make a little post. She was born early morning today in 2009 and she was the easiest birth I had and my first using a epidural. I went natural with my first 2 but I couldn't make it and did opt for drugs very early in the morning because I was so over tired and in so much pain that I did give in. I won't go though my birth story, don't think people would wanna hear but she was just so easy and she was also a surprise! We found out the sex of both the boys but we were unable to find out Kahlens sex and I swore she was another boy but I got my girl! I was so happy to get my baby girl!

She was a very easy quiet baby. Then just like her brothers she started walking at 11 month old and that when all hell broke loose! She has now been on the go ever since!

Now she is just a little diva with a big attitude and a huge personality! She love animals and babies and sometimes hotwheels but she does have two older brothers!

Here are some random pictures  ( in no particular order) just a few of my favorites and some silly ones and a few from her first birthday =)



 This one is of her today! on her 2nd bday ... asleep!

My Green Works Commercial

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A few weeks ago I was probably running around my house cleaning and I got a phone call, it was from a weird number so I let it go to the answering machine. When a man started to leave a message I ran and sat on the computer chair to listen and it was a guy saying he was from the Clorox Company and they saw I have entered into a few contests in the past with them and they had another contest going on to film a commercial and wanted to know "my Story" with Green Works, left his number.

So after being kinda in shock and a little confused I called my mom and MIL because I wasn't even sure if I should call back. I have really bad stage freight and on the off chance I actually won, I didn't think I can do it. So after thinking ow cool this actually was and the overall opportunity; I called back!

I called the number the guy left and I told him I was interested and so he started asking me a bunch of questions about me and Green Works and about my family and I just tried to answer as honest as I can. So after a all the questions he let me go and told me the "story" will be pasted on and if they liked it they will pass it on and I would be reviving a call from a producer.

A little while later (not sure how long exactly) I got a call from the producer! I was in shock ... again. I did not think they would like me at all. At the same time the Green Works: Green it yourself contest and I was feel oddly confidant about one of them. So I talked to the producer and she told me that they liked my story and I can't remember exactly what but we set up a date and time for a conference call with the director.

So it was time for the conference call and I got the kids all nice and happy watching a movie and I snuck off too my bedroom and shut the door. Then at 3pm I called the number they gave me and they weren't in yet so I went and checked and then went back and tried again and they still we not in so I just waited another minute and 3rd time was a charm and the producer was there. She was so nice and we just chatted about random stuff while waiting for the guys. Then the guys got on and the producer signed out. The mention who they were and told me they were from New York which was pretty cool, I've always wanted to got there. So what ended up being a 40 minute phone call was questions about my family and me with Green Works. They were so nice and very laid back over the phone which kinda made me feel a little better because I was a little nervous through out the whole thing. Every time I even mention I was nervous though the director just cracked a joke or something which was very sweet of him. They asked me to email a few pictures of my house and the family and I even warned them my house was kinda ugly and after talking to my MIL we also gave them a choice to film at her house if they didn't like my house plus we are moving there in a month or two so I personally wanted to do it there anyways.

Then a few days later i think I got the call they liked me and wanted me to do the commercial! I was in complete shock but the thing that really caught me off guard was the fact they wanted to film soon! So for the next little while I just completely cleaned my house top to bottom which is probably why I disappeared for a while.

So they told me that they were coming in Wednesday night and stopping by my house on Thursday to meet us and look at my house and we film Friday.  The really cool thing is that I wasn't the only person filming a commercial in town and they also were filming at a B&B somewhere in town. They told me the name like 2 or 3 times and I can't remember though.

So when they got here DH came by to met them also. When they got here it was only four of them and it was the camera guy, the director and the producer and i forget what the other guy did. When they all got in and after introductions they wanted to see around the house. They took pictures and had fun with the kids and they apparently like my house! I think its ugly but it is kinda cool and very 70's. So we all talked and played and for about an hour then they left. Then they called to look at my MIL's house and they went up there later on. Then we go the call later on that night that they decided to do it at my MIL's house. So she emailed me a little list of stuff to bring the next day and I went crazy trying to pack but mainly because I was not sure what to wear.

So we didn't even start filming until 1:30-2ish so I took the morning to try and chill and make sure I have everything packed which was actually pretty hard to do. Then w decided to grab take out for lunch and go to My MIL's house early and just visit for a bit. Then everyone started showing up right at 1:30 and wow people just kept pouring in and they got right to it to. A bunch of us tried chillin outside in the back yard and the camera guy was playing with the kids on the trampoline and it was fun. Then they wanted to see what I was going to wear and so I pulled out the suit case packed with close but there problem was that I apparently looked to young and wanted me in a button up blouse of some sort so my MIL went and grabbed some and came out with a few and so they picked two out and I tried one on and put my hair in a bun. It was the best I can do but I do look pretty young for my age and I don't look like a mother of 3 at all sometimes.

The house was just starting to get busier and busier. People we in the bathroom putting up lights and taking stuff put so they can fit in there. A tent and director chairs were set out and a table with food and just equipment everywhere. There was about 15-20 people there and I'm so sad I didn't get to meet everyone or talk to everyone. There were 2 people from Green Works there though which was very cool!

 Then the sound guy came up to me and told me he needed to put a microphone on me. So he puts the mic on my shirt and I had to hide the cord down my pants and the battery pack thing he wrapped around my ankle. Then the director took me out side and he sat down with me to tell m what the story line will be and a quick run down of whats going to happen.

I don't want to give away the actual commercial, thought I will keep it for a surprise when it air's. I will make a blog post also about the scene's but I just don't know what they are going to use. But we filmed in the bathroom which was fun and the kids were very good. It was a bit weird with the camera in there but I was so proud of the kids. Then we went to play out side and the kids liked that part, we also thought it was going to rain because some nasty cloud were starting to come in so we just wanted to get that part done. Then back inside and we did some filming in the kitchen. We were almost done by this time I just needed to do a little on camera interview which was what I was most nervous about. It was tough, I stumbled over my words and I felt like it was a total bomb but I was also hungry and getting pretty worn out by the end of it.

We started filming at say 2pm and didn't end until 8ish. Everyone told me we did good. Apparently when i was going the interview though they thought I was going good so I'm happy they thought I did good but It will be edited of course. Hours of filming put into a little 25 sec commercial.

So just as quickly they came, they left. I got to say good bye to most of the people and talk quickly with them but a lot of them had to get down to catch a ferry and fly back to Ontario and New York, where ever they were from. I also had to fill out paper work with the director of broadcasting and he talked to me quickly about the legals of it all and he also told me I was only 1 out of 4 in Canada! Which was a big shock, I thought there was more then 4 being filmed so that was very cool! I did get to have a very quick chat with the Green Works people though. Not as much as I would haev liked but I was also very tired.  So I'm just hoping I get in contact with them again but I did thank them just wish I could haev said more. So we watched everyone pack up and we just tried saying bye to everyone. I was actually very sad, knowing I will probably never see these people again. It was the coolest thing I have ever got to do though and I loved it and I would probably do it again if I had the chance!

But I did want to share that Green Works did add the video's to FB and thought i would share the link. Please don't be shy and share, "like" & comment. I'd love to hear what people think! Thank You!