My garden so far this year! 2012

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Last year I started my very first ever garden which did not turn out so well. Turned out the compost bin I got going was attracting rats! Then the rats started eating my poor garden, so needless to say I didn't even bother continuing it let alone go in the back yard much.

So we moved and I got to start a garden again! It is way bigger then I can even handle and it needs a ton of work but this are growing! Not everything but somethings. I even got to harvest some radishes and turnips so far.

So here is a bit of a photo montage of what has been going on so far!

Day 1: Rototillering. We didn't get a good start on the may long weekend. It was so rainy here that we had to wait and wait until everything dried up. This of course being my first year I did not have any seedlings going or anything yet but I do plan on getting a green house going for net year for sure!

Then things started to come together around the end of the month


Then month 2                                                                                                           

 So the garden is doing good then everything off my green beans and peas all got eaten and same thing with our new cherry tree's so now we are battling deer, rabbits and slugs! So we did put a make shift fence up around the garden until we figure out what to do! eek!

But things are going on in there!

First sign of life for our 2013 garden start

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Just wanted to share a little update with the seeds the kids planted last month. You can read about it here. Since our green house is not up yet, i put them on this little stand and green housed them with pop bottles cut in half. It has been working awesome and there has been signs of life!

Start of the new garden!

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So we started the start of our 2013 garden! I have tried to garden in the 2 years, this will be our 3rd year. In the last 2 years, things have not gone so well. Year one at our old place, we had a bit of a rat infestation and totally turned out back on the garden. I blogged a bit about the gardens in the past. Last year our garden got ran over by deer and rabbits. This year we have some big plans though!

We have the pieces for a green house waiting to be built. I signed up for this cool site called The Smart Gardener that will help us learn what needs to be done and sends us little weekly to do lists!  I started a facebook group for local homeschoolers who are into gardening, so we can share and help each other out and help get the kids more involved. I also joined a Seed of the Month Club, where they sends seeds monthly. I have plans for seed saving a bit to. Just so i don't have to buy them so much.

So we are getting fencing put up around the garden and new fruit tree's and we got our new puppy who will be a year old soon to hopefully keep out those pesky rabbits, deer and other critters.

So today I decided today we will get this started. We tend to be bad procrastinators around here (as you can tell by my blog lol) So yesterday we bought some soil and since we got the little email saying it was time to germinate our onion seeds, we would do just that! We got our the seeds today and started some onions! We don't anything more to do until next month but I will be starting some more onions for rotation but it is a start!

So here is to a (hopefully) successful gardening year! 

Are you a gardener and blogging about it!? Share your link or stories, please! I'd love to read them!