Hello, thank you for dropping by my blog!

My name is Tiffany. I am a stay at home mom of 3 and we are a homeschool family. My 3 crazy kids are Leland, Oren and Kahlen and they are 3 very busy kids.
I have been married to my wonderful hubby for going on 5 years but we have been together for 9 years now. We live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC on a little piece of land which we are slowly making into our little homestead.

I am also a Thrive Life consultant and I have been for almost 2 years now, you can find out a bit more here on my Thrive Life blog.

I started blogging years ago but A Side of sanity was created in 2010 but I moved here from blogger May 2013.
I blog about everyday life, tips and tricks. We are recently trying to live more natural lives and we are building a very large garden we hope to sustain our family so we can start eating more organic and local and you don't get more local then your own back yard. I blog about homeschool and my gardening also.

I also do reviews but I try and keep it geared towards more natural products, homeschool or gardening. I will also be doing giveaways with some of those reviews!

So please follow be by networked blogs or email and you can also follow me on Facebook! Thank you and I hope to see you around here!