Don't waste your money on school supplies!

Posted by Tiffany on May 15, 2013 at 4:10 PM

Only a few more weeks until school start and it is crunch time to get everything you need! This year is only my second year of having kids in school and Leland started kindergarten last year I had no clue what it was going to be like. So when i first registered him at school they gave me this list off school supplies I needed. For kindergarten i got everything it listed and plus the lunch bag and thankfully my MIL got Leland a backpack. I remember after everything was done we spent about $100.

Then after school started we went to Walmart one day and all the school supplies were on clearance and me not even thinking I grabbed a few packages of lined paper for like $.25 when they were asking probably $1.50 the day before. I should have been smarter and just grabbed everything the boys would need this year because add a few more kids to buy school supplies for new every year it must really add up!

So this year we decided to start home school so I wanted to start getting their school supplies of course but   I'm no longer in a panic at all because when I went grabbed a few things when they were on sale at Zellers  I wanted to grab some pencils because they were advertised for 50% and would be $.44 a 10 pack but they were ringing in at $1.69. So my cashier calls over a lady from the department and she looked and they hmmed and hawed and trying to figure out why and the the lady said something that made my brain go "HMMMM......" ( In a "The world just sucks! " kinda way) she said "Well they just raised the prices on all the school supplies, so they might have not put the sale in the system". I kinda just shut my mouth and they gave them to me at $.44 and I walk out of there thinking two things, #1. It was a few days into the sale and I just wondered how many other moms trying to save a buck paid $1.69 form $.44! So sad to see and i started thinking they probably did it all on purpose and then #2 is what a$$*&^#'s. Of course why wouldn't they jack prices up just as people need that product.

So I have what I need and when everything goes on clearance this year after school has started I am grabbing everything I need and more and everything I know I will need for next year. So I am not spending hundreds of dollars on school supplies every year when i obviously don't need to.

So don't be crazy this year and when everything goes on clearance gran a supplies sheet or make a list of everything you will need next year and buy it now at probably a quarter of the price. It's also just a good time to stock up for your own office supplies and maybe a few crafting supplies.

Happy Shopping!

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