Grade 1 & 2 Homeschool Curriculum

Posted by Tiffany on May 15, 2013 at 3:55 PM

So it is going on year 2 of home-school! Last year was a learning experience and a half for sure but this year I think I am a little more prepared! This year I made my OWN curriculum since last year my other in law helped me out but did it myself this year. I wasn't as hard as I was expecting it but a lot of second guessing myself for sure!

This year I think looks like a lot but I tried to get a lot of books that would help me out this year with the boys reading. That is were we had that toughest time last year, so hopefully this year we have a bit more luck and I still plan to get more books like some Dr.Seuss books because I know the boys will like those and hopefully will actually try and read.

But here is it! My grade 1 & 2 curriculum for 2012!

Grade 1


- Bob Jones Grade 1

  1. Text
  2. Materials
  3. Tests

- Bernstein Bears Dollars & Sense

- Dollars and Sense: Developing good money habits

- Unifix cubes

Language Arts

- Horizon Phonics & Reading Set grade 1

- Write about Me

- Bob and Larry

  1. ABC's
  2. How Many Veggie's
  3. Junior Color's

- words I can use to write

- Building spelling skills Grade 1

- The Hungry Caterpillar


- Canada Coloring book

- Canada Map Book 1

- Kids Book of Canadian History


- Magic School Bus books

  1. how things grow
  2. Plants and Seeds

-My Science Journal

- World of plants -by Diah Zike 

Social Studies

- I can make a difference Series

- The 3 R's reduce, reuse and recycle 


- Horizon Health Set - grade 1

Music and Art

- Veggie Tales Xylophone

- Doug and Melissa Pick up Sticks


- Enjoying god's gifts grade 1

- veggie Tales - God Loves you very much DVD


- Building thinking skills Grade k/1

Grade 2


- Bob Jones Grade 2

  1. texts
  2. materials
  3. tests
  4. teachers book

- Rolling in the dough Canadian addition

Language Arts

- Horizon Phonics and reading set Grade 2

- Bob and Larry (Veggie Tales)

  1. Creation Vacation
  2. the case of the missing Patience

- Words I can use to write Grade 1/2

- Building Spelling Skills Grade 2


- Canada Map Book 1

- Canada coloring book

- Canadaopoly

- Canadian Culture


-  My Science Journal 

 - Air and Water

- Solids, Liquids and gases

- Homesteading blessings DVD set Gardening

- Homesteading blessings DVD set Herbs

- The ultimate guide to homesteading

- wood stove cooking

Social Studies 

- I can make a difference

- My guide to our community


- Horizon health set Grade 2

Music & Art

- Veggie Tales Xylophone

- Complete book of arts and crafts


- Finding God's Promise's Grade 2

- Veggie Tales Pop star DVD


- Building thinking skills grade 2/3

Also for myself

- Ultimate Guide To home-school & Planner

- Doug & Melissa Responsibility Chart

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