Pre-Marinated Steaks

Posted by Tiffany on May 15, 2013 at 3:45 PM

So today we are having steaks for dinner and I wanted to share a little tip that a friend gave me a little while ago. I probably mention moose a lot in my meal plans and that's because my husband and the family all hunt and they got a few moose last hunting season and we got 2 tags this upcoming hunting season. DH's first time moose hunting in a long time but he did get us a few deer last year and a freezer full of fish!

I was telling my friend about how moose can be a little tough and I told her how I usually have to super marinate and roast for hours. Then she gave me the coolest tip ever which I have done and am trying tomorrow.

She told me that she will put her meat in the marinade and then freeze it in the marinade, then if you wanna use it just pull it out and let it sit. 

So i think the next day I grabbed the last 9 moose steaks out of my freezer (we eat a lot of steak!) Thawed it out and then i grabbed the first pack of meat and put the steaks in a freezer bag and poured in my marinade. I did 2 in the La Grille 30 Minute Marinade, I know its only a 30 minute but I didn't think it would matter if it was longer! Then I did one in BBQ sauce. I let them marinade over night, then put them in the freezer.

I took my first bag out last night so I guess I'll tell ya guys about it in my meal plan!

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