Pre-made meatballs

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For my food plan this week I planned on making meatballs and rice for today's dinner. Instead of making one quick batch, I decided to make a bunch and freeze a few batches. We still have a lot of ground moose left over from last year and since hunting season is coming soon so I would like to use up last years before we get more this year.

Meatballs are super easy, all you have to do is mix your ground burger or moose or whatever meat you may use. So use any recipe you like or this time around I made a Italian mix and one normal everyday meat ball which i decided I will use tonight for a sweet and sour meatballs.

Then you make the balls and place on a cooking sheet. Then cook the meatballs about 1/3 through.

Then I take the meatballs once they have cooled down and I like to use my vacuum sealer. So got that out and I filled my first bag and started vacuum sealing and then it started sucking all the juices from it, so that sucked. So the next batched I filled a large freezer Ziploc bag and put it in backwards and folded the Ziploc bag inside my vacuum seal bag and also left and opening on the Ziploc bag so it can still get all the air out. So it all worked out.

I made 4 batches and froze 3 for another day. For easy meatballs for spaghetti or meatball sandwiches!

Freezer Lunches: PB&J Sandwiches

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So my hubby and I have decided we need to FIX our whole lunch problem. I don't always remember to pack him a lunch or he forgets it at home then he will spend at least $10 a day on lunch (give or take a few dollars).

So this needs to stop, so after wondering around on pintrest and found a ton of idea's! So this is freezer lunch #1. Something super easy and fast! I would have never thought of this in a million years and from the reviews I read and all the different posts about this I thought I`d give it a shot!

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Step #1 Clean your surface! With Green Works of course! ;)

Step #2 Set out your bread.

Step #3 smear your PB&J

Step #4 Put your sandwiches and wrap. I wrapped them in plastic wrap and then in a ziploc bag because they will be in the freezer. Just want to try and make sure they stay a little fresher i guess.

step #5 Put them in your freezer

So this all took like 5 mins. It was just one loaf of bread for now until I know for sure it works out but if it does. It was so easy and simple!


So my hubby tried them and took a few from the freezer and brought them to work. By time lunch came around they were thawed and he liked them! He said there was no difference from it being fresh!

So it worked and I am very excited! So I am filling the freezer up with PB&J's for sure now!

Left Over Pankcakes

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This is probably old info but I love to do it and thought I'd share anyways. Might be 1 or 2 people who doesn't know this little tip =)

  If you happen to make too many pancakes or just wanna make some to put away for a easy morning breakfast, this is what I do.

I made pancakes for lunch yesterday and I added a tablespoon of Pumpkin spice to spice it up ;) I made 2 batches in stead of just one and this is what I had left over. 

Bag up all the extra in a freezer bag. Then put it in the freezer.


Then if you ever want a quick and easy pancake breakfast just take the bag out of the freezer and plop the pancakes in the toaster.  Then you get yummy and if you toast it a little longer it cmes out with a bit of a crips but still yummy home made pancakes! 

Pre-Marinated Steaks

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So today we are having steaks for dinner and I wanted to share a little tip that a friend gave me a little while ago. I probably mention moose a lot in my meal plans and that's because my husband and the family all hunt and they got a few moose last hunting season and we got 2 tags this upcoming hunting season. DH's first time moose hunting in a long time but he did get us a few deer last year and a freezer full of fish!

I was telling my friend about how moose can be a little tough and I told her how I usually have to super marinate and roast for hours. Then she gave me the coolest tip ever which I have done and am trying tomorrow.

She told me that she will put her meat in the marinade and then freeze it in the marinade, then if you wanna use it just pull it out and let it sit. 

So i think the next day I grabbed the last 9 moose steaks out of my freezer (we eat a lot of steak!) Thawed it out and then i grabbed the first pack of meat and put the steaks in a freezer bag and poured in my marinade. I did 2 in the La Grille 30 Minute Marinade, I know its only a 30 minute but I didn't think it would matter if it was longer! Then I did one in BBQ sauce. I let them marinade over night, then put them in the freezer.

I took my first bag out last night so I guess I'll tell ya guys about it in my meal plan!