Our New Strawberry Bed for under $10

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Today we started making some raised beds. We are just using scrap wood from around the yard. They are not perfect but its all we need to start.

So first we built our bed which was FREE with scrap wood around the yard, you can also collect pallets for free from around town.The bed we made was about 4x10. Which seems big now but it will fill up with strawberries throughout the years.

Each of the kids have picked out a bed they really want to help with and Oren picked strawberries so he helped get it started.

Next we laid down a bed of news paper. This will be a good barrier for weeds. We didn't to a lasagna  bed but about half of on in a sense. We got the papers for FREE from the news paper box. We made sure they were old ones and old grabbed enough for the bed, you don't need them all just in case not everyone got their papers yet, 

Then we placed a layer of straw down. The bail was $5 and we only used about 1/4 of the bail so i'd say about $1 worth. ;)

Organizing school work and individual school crates.

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As a homeschooling mom, I find myself organizing and re-organizing all the homeschool stuff. I have posted one post before on how I organize. I find I will post  something once I find it works. I don't know how many times I have moved things around in the last 2 years but I guess it is ALL a learning process for sure!

We recently went and used up the last of our school funds, since the end of the year is coming and they do expire. So we went down to a local store and picked up a few things.I got a few things for the rest of this year, over the summer and next year. We are still a bit behind on reading so I made sure I got a few reading games. I will be doing reviews on things for now on. I really want to see what will work or at least what they enjoy to try and help. I want to continue school sort of through out the summer. Maybe just keep to unfinished books we have taking up room and focusing on problem areas to fix next year.

So after we get home with this huge haul. I had no clue where to put it all! My homeschool cupboard was already over flowing and disorganized. Sometimes when you don't have KID FRIENDLY organization going on it can make more of a mess then nothing. I thought I had it good FOR ME but for the kids ... not so much.

I had it so all subjects had there own spot. which was nice and tidy (SEEN HERE IN MY LAST ORGANIZATION POST) but then the kids would go put something back and they would just shove things in places or would put them in just messy and even sometimes just put them on top of all the other books. So after the haul and feeling the NEED to change things up I got on Pintrest of course and searched and searched for homeschool organization ideas. I found this neat Idea using milk crates and file folders. I knew I just happen to have two crates around the house. One is was using as a stool in my room! So I started by completely emptying the cupboard, and I didn't get any before pics sorry. I didn't really think i was going to go as far as I did with the organizing. I mainly planned on cleaning and moving things around.

So I pulled everything out and this is what I ended up with. Scary! I know!

So I got out cupboard all cleaned out, in between searching pintrest. Tried a few different things and that's when I came across the crate idea. I went and grabbed them and went and started collecting file holders. I was so happy I got everything I needed from just around the house.

I have a file holder for each subject. Then a file at the beginning of each subject, where they can put all there finished work. Then all there books, fillers and everything else for each subject is within each of the designated files for subjects. Then at the very front I have a file for unfinished work and a spot for their lap books. This I am so excited about! It has been working so well. No more getting mixed up between who is who's. They each have their own crate and I think having their books separated was a big thing. we don't have a lot of space since we do everything out of our kitchen, so choices we slim and I am very happy I found this idea.

Then back to the rest of the fun ... NOT but it needed to be done! I got everything back into the school cupboard and this was the out come! Bottom shelf is the boys' crates. Shelf 2 is bins with their pencils and earasers, glue adn scissors. Then all of Kahlens work, anything for K and down I put there. Then shelf 3 I put more bins full of flash cards and counters and so on, then some more work books. Then shelf 4 is all the games. Then the top is my teachers manuals and all my fun stuff. So it turned out pretty good adn I hoep this one works out.

So I was doing so good I decided to tackle our little book shef. It was a bit easier but I do plan on start color coding them all so the kids know what to grab, if they want to read something to do with science, then i can just tell them to grab a RED book for example but I need to go get colored tape or something. Here is our little book shelf nwo though.

So that is now our little homecshool area organiazation and as much as I wish I had a nice big room for school or more room for more shelves I think this will work just fine!

Our camping trip getaway 2012

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I can't remember the last time we got to have any sort of summer vacation. So I was SUPER excited to plan anything even if it was just for a weekend. We recently agreed to take a break from facebook also and we have been trying to reconnect with the family and reality and we are actually getting things done around here! And one is planning a tiny family get away, we haven't even been camping as a family since for 6 years and I was pregnant with baby #2 then and now we have 3! (not including my hunny's hunting and fishing trips) So this was a first time camping trip for 2 of the kids!

So we we're planning on going for a camping trip and we also planned on going to the city which is a few hours away. So instead we put the 2 together and went camping there.

So we reserved our camping spot on line in a very nice provincial park camp site. Which apparently means expensive! We left Friday after my hunny got off work. So I was packed and ready to go the day before pretty much. I was pretty nervous leaving because camping for the first time in a long time with 3 kids! Eek! But I was prepared.

So we left late afternoon, thanks to my hunny getting off work a little bit early and we hit the road! I did plan a meal plan for the trip and we planned on grabbing dinner on the road but since he got off early we arrived in time to set up and make dinner at the camp site! But the ride was long and the kids did get a bit board and restless which is expected but they made it in one piece!

So we get to our campsite and we first set up the tent! Which went well, we didn't kill each other during the process! Then since we forgot to bring our own wood Hunny ran to go buy some wood. He came back with 3 little bundles and wow selling wood alone must be a good business! 3 little bundles for $18! EEk! Then as we were unpacking I realized we forgot a we other things and one of course being MILK! Don`t ask me how I forget the most important part of my breakfast! COFFEE and of course the kids cereal =P So Hunny ran over to the little store just across from the camp site entrance and well for like 5 items for over $30! People must make a killing around there! My meals plan was set and I thought I grabbed everything we needed.

Friday night

Take out (because we would be on the road) 


Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs

Lunch: Smokies and Chips

Dinner: Salmon & Potatoes


Breakfast: Cereal & Totast

Lunch: Sandwiches (premade for on the road)

Dinner: SLEEP

So we got settled and made smokies for dinner and then spent the night making smores! Our little big man was determined to have smores! So we had to!

Then after a long sleepless night we woke up and made bacon and eggs and of course COFFEE!! And the plan was to camp out and go sight seeing on Saturday and had bigger plans for Sunday but we decided to go into the city instead.

We planned on taking the kids to see the IMAX! We got coupons for free passes from out homeschool teacher and we wanted to use them up before they expired! So we all got ready and headed into the city!

So we found our way to the and we get there to pay and apparently a last minute decision was to also see the museum! Oi, which is not cheap! So after the initial shock of a bill we headed in and I just decided to enjoy it and make sure it was all worth it! So we went and saw a IMax movie on dinosaurs! Which was pretty awesome. It was my first IMax experience also and it was pretty cool!

Then after the movie we went to the museum and it was a ton of fun! Got to see a lot of really cool things!



So after that we headed over to take the kids to see the parliament building. They saw it when we drove in and they wanted to see it and it is a really cool building so we ran over there quickly.


Then we headed over to see a good friend where we spent the remainder of the day and had an amazing lunch and dinner and got to meet some other really awesome people! Our meal plan got tossed out the window but we did bring the salmon with us which we cooked up there. Our friends got the BBQ going! YUM! Baby girl got to feed some chicken and we also took the kids to the park. It was just an awesome day altogether!

Then after a super long day we finally got back to our campsite around 9pm and got the kids into bed as soon as possible because daddy was so pooped out i think he wanted to get to bed asap also. We bought cards and planned on playing crib or something but that plan was out the window but we were so tired! In the morning we got up and got everyone fed and Daddy got kicked out of a chair by a 2 year old! Then we had a quick coffee then started packing up. Packing up was easy enough and by 10am we were on the road again!

It was an amazing weekend and all the kids had a blast! And after all that fun and seeing new things and spending time with the family and some friends I asked the boys what there favorite part was and the both replied " Riding on the escalators!" 

First sign of life for our 2013 garden start

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Just wanted to share a little update with the seeds the kids planted last month. You can read about it here. Since our green house is not up yet, i put them on this little stand and green housed them with pop bottles cut in half. It has been working awesome and there has been signs of life!